The Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Querce

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Querce is more of just a condiment, its perfume and taste are at their best with a slice of our wonderful Tuscan bread. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Querce of these hills is one of the trade-marks of Tuscany in the world.                                   DIRECT SALES contact info@laquerce.com

TYPE: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
WINE-GROWERS: La Querce di Massimo Marchi e C. s.a.s.
PRODUCTION ZONE: Florence hill in the country of Impruneta
OLIVE TREE AREA: 12,20 hectrares
AVERAGE HEIGHT: 250 a.s.l.
OLIVE VARIETY: Frantoio (about 30 %), Leccino (about 30 %), Moraiolo (about 30 %), Pendolino, Madonna dell'Impruneta ed other varieties (about 10 %)
GROWING SYSTEM: specialized in "bush vase"
PERIOD OF HARVESTING: from the beginning of November to December 10th
EXTRACTION PROCESS: continuos cycle extraction system with this machine: crusher, mixer, decanter and separator. All process in low temperature
SETTLING SYSTEM: natural settling in terracotta oil jars "orci", with pours every two months
AVERAGE CHEMICAL DATA: oil acidity = less than 0,20 %; peroxides number = below 10; tocopherols = over 2000; polyhydric phenols = over 280
PRODUCED QUANTITY: about 4.000 litres for year
PACKAGING: 1 litre, 500 ml and 250 ml square bottles of dark colour or 5 litre tin
TASTE: opal green colour, tending towards clear yellow in time, it is intense and elegant to the nose, rich in vegetable note and fresh herbs scent, and harmonic artichokes hints. To the taste, it is strong and with a personality, fruity with intense bitter and hot tones.