Florence exclusive Villa la Querce is surrounded by vineyards and olive orchards in the hillsides of florentine Chianti, located on the road that connects Bagnolo to Impruneta. Impruneta is a very nice little town whose reputation is related to the production of “cotto” (the cotto tiles of the Duomo, in Florence, were made in Impruneta).

Villa la Querce is located only 2 km from Impruneta, it measures 900 square mt and we can find the famous imprunetine cotto in the amazing ceilings of the villa. Although the reputation of the estate is above all linked to the quality of its products – its wines and extra virgin olive oil have won a great number of prices – interest and attention have been paid to the historical and architectural elements of the villa.

The elegant villa, whose construction is so old that some parts date to the 1300, is dominated by a stately tower. The form is somber and dignified both in the design of its layout and in the finish of the facade. But the origin of the property dates even further back. A document dated 1042 reports the sale of a “house with land and vineyards” in this area, indicating without doubt the antiquity of the cultivation of vineyards in the region. During Second World War the villa knew dramatic moments. It 1944 it was occupied by the Germans. The nazis cut down the enormous oak tree that gave the name to the property in the effort to block the road, but the tree fell on the wrong side of the road, ruining their plans.